Care Options


Sunny Acres Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation and Sunny Acres Legacy Care Assisted Living Memory Care are distinct parts of our community, each designed to address specific healthcare needs.

Sunny Acres Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation: This program is tailored for individuals requiring advanced medical care and rehabilitation services. Skilled nursing at Sunny Acres involves round-the-clock care provided by licensed healthcare professionals, including registered nurses and therapists. The focus is on addressing acute medical needs, post-surgical recovery, and managing chronic conditions. Rehabilitation services aim to enhance mobility, functionality, and overall well-being through physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Sunny Acres Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation is ideal for those who need specialized care and support in a supervised and medically oriented environment.

Sunny Acres Legacy Care Assisted Living Memory Care: Legacy Care is a specialized program, catering specifically to individuals with memory-related challenges, such as Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. This assisted living memory care program provides a secure and supportive environment where residents receive personalized attention from trained caregivers. The emphasis is on maintaining a high quality of life for individuals with memory issues, offering activities and services tailored to their unique needs. The program includes cognitive stimulation, structured routines, and a secure living environment designed to enhance the overall well-being and dignity of residents with memory care requirements.